When it comes to fire protection we at Lincoln Rural Supplies we have a level of expertise that is not matched anywhere here on the Eyre Peninsula.

We can offer advice on Domestic House Hold, Rural and Industrial Protection Systems, These can range from:

  • roof or boundary sprinkler systems
  • petrol or electrically driven units
  • and also passive protection methods with strategic vegetation clearing and the planting of green summer crops to maintain property protection.

Roof & Boundary Sprinkler Systems

Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems We can supply household fire protection sprinkler systems which are installed around the guttering perimeter of the building being protected. Such systems utilise the rotoframe type sprinkler which provides a continual pattern of large water droplets. Strategically placed on each side of a building, together with the correct type of pump, these systems have proven to be extremely worthwhile in providing an excellent level of all round fire protection. We can design and install these systems specifically to meet your requirements and have previously done so for Local Government Utilities, Community Halls, Schools and many, many Houses and Sheds of all sizes. And of course, we have designed and supplied the materials for the DIY person to install themselves.

Home Sprinkler Systems

We can also design and build sprinkler systems for your home

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