Permanent Fencing

The key to designing fence that will do the job is to consider what you are trying to keep in or out.
Our staff have a wide ranging experience with all types of fencing and can offer the best of advice to suit your individual requirements.

We can offer the full range of:

  • Waratah Fabricated Fences
  • Southern Wire Fabricated Fences
  • Barbed Wires
  • Plain Wires
  • Horse Sighter Wires
  • Wire Nettings
  • Farm Gates and Fittings
  • Steel Posts and Droppers
  • Treated Pine Posts – CCA and Creosote
  • Tools and Accessories

Electric Fencing

Our Range Includes:

  • Energisers; 240v Mains, Battery and Solar Powered
  • Insulators and Strainers
  • Cables
  • Offsets & Lock Sets
  • Tapes and Braids
  • Reels
  • Fencing Posts and Systems
  • Gate Packs
  • General Accessories


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