Our full range of broadacre chemicals include:

Adjuvants: Used to enhance the effectiveness of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to control or eliminate unwanted pests.

Fungicides: Chemical substance that are used to control or prevent fungi from causing economic damage to crops/plants.

Grain Protectants: Help prevent/control pests in stored grain.

Herbicides: Substance, generally a chemical that is toxic to plants and is used to destroy unwanted vegetation.

Insecticides: Products that are specifically formulated to kill, harm or repel one or more species of insects.

Molluscicides: Pesticides that control gastropod pests; specifically snails and slugs.

Seed dressings/treatments: Are the biological, chemical and physical products applied to seed to provide protection and improve establishment of healthy crops.


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For the quick and convenient application of snail bait, fertiliser and pasture seed.

Designed for ute, truck or trailer mounting, our mini spreader is perfect for both small and large properties.

The minispreader is fixed with a variable speed 12V electric motor and has a 75kg hopper capacity.

*Deposit and hire fees apply.