Lincoln Rural have a wide range of products to improve and maintain the health of your livestock and domestic pets.

We are client profit and production driven, so when our customers have great results, we know we have provided great products, accurate and profitable advice.

Lincoln Rural Supplies Sales Staff are professionals and keep up to date with the best products, and with the latest research on how that will positively impact on our local farmers and clients.

We offer products for:
• Sheep: vaccines, vitamins & minerals, lice & worm treatments, feed supplements, identification eartags

• Cattle: vaccines, lice and worm treatments, feed supplements, identification eartags

• Poultry: wormers, parasite control, feed

• Horses: wormers and vaccines, equine equipment, feed additives, chaff, hay

• Dogs/Cats: cat and dog food, flea and worm treatments and accessories

• Pigs

• Goats: vaccines, feed supplements

• Alpacas: worm treatments, vitamins and feeds


We work with all producers, large and small, and also have a keen interest in the lifestyle block owners. We have pack sizes of products to suit your size of operation. We keep an extensive product catalogue library and if by chance we do not have your required product, we can obtain it quickly and price effectively.

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