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Snakeprotex Extreme Gaiters


SnakeProtex™ durable snake gaiters are scientifically proven to protect the wearer from the world’s most venomous snakes. Developed in Australia to stay snake safe in the great Australian outdoors.

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Why is SnakeProtex™ Extreme So Good?

Designed from the outset for protection from Australian snakes, SnakeProtex is rigorously tested. The gaiter also needs to be tough enough for the harsh Australian environment and everyday use.

The new Extreme model sports a range features, including:

  • adjustable boot strap to fit a wide range of work boots
  • adjustable Velcro top leg straps allowing for a firmer, closer and safer fit
  • a press tab cover over the zipper provides better security stopping the zip from moving
  • tough 900 weight denier outer for better resistance to everyday wear and tear. This fabric tends to be water repellent too!
  • neutral black fabric & fastener construction looks great with everyday workwear
  • thick inner layers offer peace-of-mind protection. As a simple test, try pushing a drawing pin through our gaiter – many others fail this simple test!
  • a robust internal stiffener behind the zip ensures the gaiter does not sag. This stiffener overlaps the zip construction so the zip itself is not a ‘weak spot’ – in fact; the zip area is even tougher.
  • a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects

Correct use of SnakeProtex Gaiters

The gaiters must be worn over suitable trousers and boots. Do not wear them with low cut shoes!

When wearing SnakeProtex gaiters, use common sense and please avoid contact with any venomous species. Most snakes will rarely strike at a human unless provoked or accidentally stepped on.

Photos and images used in this document may show variations & updates in the product. This is a result of the rigorous testing and alterations which followed. We welcome all feedback, stories and tales of your adventures whilst wearing SnakeProtex. We will never release a product which has not passed the ‘chew test’ as mentioned above.

We cannot claim that the product is “snake-proof” – there are too many variables involved for us to claim this. Nor can we guarantee that a snake will not strike above the garment; although it would be an unlikely event with most Australian snakes. The tough inner layers of our gaiter prevent a snake’s fangs penetrating through to the skin.


Tests were conducted by Adelaide Hills Snake Catchers, Geoff Coombe (Herpetologist) & Venom Supplies Australia.

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